bespoke-centrepeice-stylingWedding & Event Styling Tips

At Limited Edition Events our aim is to reduce as much of the stress you’re likely to experience by ensuring the creative process is fun, relaxed and focused on making your special event look amazing.

We do the work so that you can have the fun.  We will deliver the attention to detail, passion, skill and experience to make your event a memorable one. Our testimonials speak for themselves!

Here are our best styling tips to consider in your planning:

  • When planning your venue styling, try to keep a harmonious thread running through your scheme.  Keep it simple!  Most times more is just too much.
  • Attention to detail is important, but too much detail can lead to a busy room with nowhere for the eye to rest.
  • Go for quality not quantity. A few carefully selected pieces are much more eye catching than a poorly presented mass of low quality decorator items.
  • Combine soft candle light or pretty LED seed lights with your table arrangements and then dim the overhead lighting to create an intimate and sensual ambiance.
  • Create stunning optical illusions and effectively double the impact your decorations by placing your table centrepiece on a mirror… you’ll see twice as many flowers and candles!
  • Create different levels in your centrepiece displays by using a variety of items to draw the eye up and away from the table cloth.
  • You can add movement to the room by alternating your chair sashes in complementary colours and add further interest by combining 2 or 3 different centrepiece designs that blend in with each other.  This works especially well for events with a large number of tables to prevent the room from looking bland.
  • Create a focal point in the room – either a stunning background for your ceremony or bridal table.  Or embellish your stage for an awards evening or convention.
  • Change the shape or size of large rooms using screens or drapes, also an excellent way to hide architectural or interior design eyesores.
  • Ceiling draping, lighting or lanterns are also a fabulous way to draw the eyes upward and create a more intimate space.
  • If in doubt, seek our professional advice.